Human Resource Management – Individual Approaches

Individual Approaches

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  • Attitude surveys are increasingly used today to seek the views of employees. They can be used to gauge the degree of employee support for ideas such as flexible benefits before the organization commits them.
  • Focus groups, which are a representative sample of employees, can also be set up to provide a balanced opinion on new or existing issues. Carrying out a survey every year will indicate the trend in morale and employee satisfaction. Whichever system is used, it is essential that a report on the findings is published to the employees with a considered action plan, where employees have indicated that action is necessary. An additional benefit of attitude surveys is that employees involved in these processes believe that the organization has taken some effort to gauge employee views and this, in itself, can go some way to raise the general level of satisfaction.
  • Employee Recognition schemes. In the past, these were called ‘suggestion schemes’ and had a somewhat dowdy image with little real support or enthusiasm from employees. Employees are trained in how to analyze and solve problems and how to present them to management. When proposals are accepted and implemented (and the small, incremental proposals are as welcome as the grand design) then employees receive a proportion of the cost savings.
  • Briefing groups (sometimes called team briefing) are a form of communication which attempts to provide information in a systematic and timely way to all employees, so that they have the opportunity to remain involved with the progress of the organization. Information is cascaded through the levels of the structure over a short period (half a day if possible) from a prepared script but with opportunities provided for questions to be asked and replies given.
  • Financial involvement. Many companies encourage their employees to identify themselves with the organization's success through share savings and option schemes by providing shares at discounted prices and through profit-sharing and profit-related pay schemes. This policy stems from the unitarist approach, presented in a positive term, in which both employees and the enterprise seek to enhance company wealth from which both parties benefit

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