Human Resource Management – Collective Approach

Collective Approach

  • Work Councils, An encouragement for employees to participate in decision-making processes through their representatives is taken as an appreciation which leads to satisfaction. At the meetings of the council, management must provide information and be consulted on the organization’s progress and prospects in a number of laid-down areas including employment, economic and financial performance.
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  • Partnership agreements can be seen as accounting on the progressive thinking on collective relationships. In return for formal recognition and bargaining rights, along with elements of job security, unions agree to a commitment to work together and make the business more successful and to encourage their members to fully participate in the involvement processes. The attraction to the unions is that it is one of the few viable paths to a position where they might be valued by employers while retaining an independent workers’ voice. Joint initiatives on quality and productivity improvements, staff skills developments, flexibility, all supported by an effective communication and representation process are important aspects of a successful partnership deal.

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