Sample: Implementation of International Business Strategy, Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Economic internationalization has gone through the dramatic transformation. What was formerly a world of super powers rules by economic power house countries, has now become a world of large emerging trading blocks. Additionally several emerging economies are emerging as attractive business destinations. One of these attractive destinations is India and present research is aimed at determining the strategies and mode of implementing strategies for being successful while operating in Indian markets. For achieving the objectives of the research three major successful MNCs presently operating in India were surveyed and the results obtained from the survey revealed that there are some key elements and areas that needs special attention while designing strategies to be successful in emerging developing markets like India. These factors relate to localization of value chain parts, leveraging local teams and management, designing products as per the needs of local customers, etc. In short the research has been able to establish the fact that domestic business strategies are quite different from international business strategies and even different of the internal destination is a developing country like India.


  1. Introduction
  2. Literature Review
  3. Research Methodology
  4. Results Obtained From Semi-Structured Interviews
  5. Conclusions And Recommendations