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Sample: Implementation Of International Business Strategy, Research Evaluation

3.6 Research Evaluation


Validity is important for a research being effective in nature. If a research piece is invalid then it will prove to be worthless. Validity is required both in qualitative as well as quantitative research. Honesty, depth, richness and scope of received data determine the validity of qualitative research. Validity needs to be seen as a matter of degree rather than an absolute state. As explained by Saunders (2000) validity of the research findings refer to the reality of the findings compared with what they appear to be in the results. There are several threats faced by the validity of the findings of a research. Threats such as mortality, instrumentation, maturation and testing can reduce the trustworthiness of the research findings. In order to ensure high level of validity of the present research extra care has been taken while setting questions for the interviews. At every step an experienced research faculty has been consulted to get proper guidance towards the way of completing the study and achieve the objectives of the research in a valid and efficient manner.


The meaning of reliability differs in case of qualitative and quantitative research. As the present research is qualitative in nature here the meaning of reliability refers to the capacity of measurement tool towards withstanding random effects. In the present research some specific companies from three different industrial sectors gave been targeted. However different people have different opinion and way of working and in this research several different people have been interviewed to collect the required data. Because of difference in human nature we cannot expect results of similar nature from all the respondents. In order to ensure the reliability of the present research a well structured approach has been followed towards designing of the questions of the research.

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