Sample: Implementation of International Business Strategy, Research Strategy

3.2 Research Strategy

The strategy of a research refers to the set of ideas through which the study intends of proceeding in the direction of answering the research questions. Three general directions of tackling research questions have been provided by literature which includes qualitative strategy, quantitative strategy or a combination of both. Qualitative strategy is also termed as positivism and is descriptive in nature and useful where the research is based on behavior of consumer. This particular research strategy has been used to conduct the present research as here our aim is to know about the basic considerations that affect the selection of strategy while operating in a developing country like India. As qualitative methods rely on a subjective and interpretive understanding of the world it suits best to achieve the objectives of the present research. This method has helped in capturing the understanding of the business strategies followed by MNCs while operating in developing countries. Furthermore qualitative data is rich and holistic along with a having string to handle the real world situations. This characteristic of qualitative data helped in getting answers of the research questions.

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