Sample: Implementation of International Business Strategy, Research Method

3.4 Research Method

Already it has been mentioned that the present research followed an inductive approach along with positivism. Inductive approach helped us in setting up a cause-effect linkage between particular variables with a clear understanding of the way in which humans interpret the real social world. Inductive approach provides this as the major benefit over the deductive method of investigation which has been rejected while conducting this study. In a case where the size of sample is small the method of inductive analysis proves to be an effective method of research.

Considering the above discussed benefits and strengths of inductive approach we have used this particular method of research to conduct the present research. The study will concentrate on the strategies followed by the various departments of UK based organizations to ensure sustainability and success in Indian business markets. As it has been explained by Saunders (2000) that the basic objective of inductive method is to get an understanding the meanings attached to events by humans. It is to be noted that the present research is not aimed at result generalization but to find out the best practices that can prove to be successful while operating in business in a developing country like India. Thus there was a need to have a flexible approach and method to be followed to conduct the study so that with the progress of the research the changes in the research can be permitted making inductive method as the best method to conduct the present investigation.

There can be several different methods of categorizing experiments. One method is to categorize experiments in the manner which they are conducted, i.e. in the laboratory or out in the world. A high level of control is offered by laboratory experiments while field experiments offer great degree of realism. As the present research is aimed at identifying the strategies and other considerations in case of business operations being conducted in developing countries it was not suitable to conduct the study in controlled laboratory conditions. Thus, the laboratory method was rejected and the field survey method was adopted so as to get an in depth knowledge of strategies of developing countries as followed by the real world organizations facing the challenges of actual business world.

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