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Sample: Implementation of International Business Strategy, Research Scope And Limitations

1.6 Research Scope and Limitations

This research will provide guidance to entrepreneurs who are planning to enter into a business venture in a developing nation like India. They will be able to understand in detail the considerations to be made before taking up such a decision and the limitations that need to be faced and managed while entering a developing nation and also while operating in such a country. As the research is not limited to a single sector it will act as a guide to various industrial sectors that are planning to enter any developing nation for conducting business operations.

Every study has some limitations that narrow the scope of a research. The limitations of this research are discussed as follows:

  • As the study is based on three companies there is limitation of generalizing the results on the basis of a small sample size. It may not be appropriate to do so.
  • The research is based on the companies of a single country- India which again makes the generalization part difficult as we are talking about all developing countries.
  • Further the availability of time and resource poses another limitation as Indian business sector comprise of several industrial sectors and several companies in each industrial sector. It is not possible to conduct a research on whole of the business market of India and thus the findings of the study depends upon the availability of data with reference to time and accessibility.

1.1 Background

1.2 Rationale

1.3 Research Questions

1.4 Research Objectives

1.5 Chapter Plan

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