Psychology is a branch of science which deals with the study of state of the mind of individual or community. There are several branches of Psychology or fields in psychology. It is altogether a versatile subject.

what is psychology know major branches of psychology

There are 10 main branches of psychology they are as under-

Abnormal Psychology
Abnormal psychology is the study of certain behavioral abnormalities in a person. Hypnosis and mesmerism are often used for treatment the concerned.

Behavioral Psychology
It studies the mental processes and the behavioral patterns of humans as well as non-human subjects.

Clinical Psychology
Clinical psychology is the branch of psychology that is the scientific study of the prevention, understanding and the relieving of psychologically based issues.

Cognitive Psychology
Cognitive psychology is the branch of psychology that deals with the internal mental processes of thought such as memory, problem solving, and language. It basically looks over the informative functioning of the brain.

Community Psychology
Community psychology studies the psychology of individuals and the dynamics in a community. It studies adaptation, interdependence of individual and community.

Developmental Psychology
Developmental psychology is the study of the systematic changes that occur in a human being during his life time.

Educational Psychology
It is the branch of psychology that is used in educational institutions. Educational psychologists are mostly the school and college counselors. It basically concentrates on student life and its progress.

Evolutionary Psychology
Evolutionary psychology is the branch of psychology that studies the most primal psychological stimuli in human begins.

Legal Psychology
Legal psychology is basically very similar to cognitive and clinical psychology. However, a legal psychologist lends a helping hand to assist in the process of crime investigation.

Personality Psychology
It is the branch of psychology that governs the IQ level test and the personality test that helps in judging the capability and helps them to understand themselves better. It is the branch of psychology that studies the personality disorders.

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