Do all the calculus problems give on page 45 of your mathematics textbook? Solve the questions about photosynthesis at the end of the chapter 22 of a biology textbook. Write an essay on the economic growth and human development of USA. And yes, don’t forget to submit that book report on Treasure Island by tomorrow.

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This is probably the average amount of homework that kids studying in middle or high school get these days. This insurmountable burden of homework robs them of the time to play and pursue their hobbies. Not only this, students fail to understand the core concepts of their subjects as most of their time is spent in doing homework.

Homework and Assignments work given to students are no doubt important, and they do help in strengthening the students’ academic performances, but excessive amount of homework can prove to be detrimental to a student’s overall development. Homework is given with the objective of enhancing the students’ knowledge and ability, but it can have exactly opposite effects if its difficulty level and amount are inappropriate.

However, it is imperative for a student to do homework and complete assignments on time to score well and compete with fellow students. This pressurizes the students and stops them from giving their best. This has become a matter of worry for most students and their parents.

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