Phrasal verbs are generally made out of two words consisting of a verb and adverb or a verb and proposition. These words usually make the language simpler and refined. There are many phrasal verbs that are commonly used in English. Therefore to help you understand these phrases and incorporate them in your usage we have listed some commonly used phrasal verbs below along with their meanings and illustration of usage.

phrasal verbs guide

• FALL OVER : to lose your balance
I fell over because my shoelaces were not tied
• SLOW DOWN: go slowly
She is driving too fast. She must slow down
• HURRY UP: do quickly
Common guys, hurry up! We haven’t got the whole day.
• WAKE UP: to arise from sleep
Sandy is often woken up by the teacher in class.
• TAKE OFF: leave the ground
The plane took off 10 minutes ago.
• CARRY ON: continue
Don’t waste time. Carry on with your work.
• WATCH OUT: be careful
Watch out! There’s a lorry coming from the opposite end.
• PUT OUT: : extinguish
We need sand to put the fire out.
• LOOK UP: find out
If you can’t find it in the store then look it up in the catalogue.
• THROW AWAY: discard
These vegetables are rotten. Shall I throw them away?
• PAY BACK: repay the loaned money
The borrower agreed to pay e back every cent by the next month.
• SHOW AROUND: take for a tour
The tourist showed us around the entire Vatican.
• KNOCK DOWN: demolish
They are going to knock down the community centre next month.
• CROSS OUT: cancel it
If you mark the wrong answer just cross it out and mark the correct one.
• TRY ON: check the fit
Shall I try this coat on?
• HOLD ON: wait
Can you hold on for a minute?
• RING UP: call
Susan rang me up to tell me about the cancellation of the party.
• TURN DOWN: reduce
Turn down the flame after 20 minutes and let the gravy simmer.
• GIVE UP: stop doing
Toby gave up German after scoring very low grades in college.
• WASH UP: clean
We quickly washed up the plates to serve the next round of people.
• BREAK DOWN: stop working
The assembly line broke down after the spark occurred in the main vault.
• GET ON: manage
How are you getting on with your married life?
• SPEAK UP: to say something loudly
Why are you standing quietly? Speak up for your rights.
• PUT AWAY: keep back in the shelf
Children, all of you have to put away your toys before the school bell rings!