Here is a list of top 5 Tips for Parents to handle the First Week of School 

back to school tips
5 essential tips for all parents to follow in the first week of school

1. Make Time : During the first week of school of your child, postpone any other business meeting, meet up, party, extra work. Your child will need you to be with him in the very first school week. Get your child into the new school routine. accompany them to the school/ bus pickup points for the first few days to boost their confidence. Be available for providing moral support to your children and help them overcome any school related anxiety. Share your own funny/ memorable back to school incidents and tips with them and ease any confusion about schooling that they have.

2. Day 0 Morning Action: On the first day of school, make sure you and your child get up on time. If possible, prepare fresh lunch packs for the kids or just prepare some delicious and nutritious stuff a night before. Make sure the kid doesn’t leave without a healthy and filling breakfast. Give them last minute tips on how to make friends, proper school behaviour or any other school activities related stuff. All these tips will prepare them for their first day. Make sure to teach them essential information like how to keep safe in bus, or and important information such as their teacher’s name, bus number and emergency contact numbers. Make the first morning exciting and cheerful by dressing them up pretty and clicking cool snaps and selfies for forever memories.

3. Meet the school staff: It is best to break ice with your kids’ new teachers within the first week of school itself. Send the teachers a brief note conveying your enthusiasm to participate in your child’s development and school activities. Encourage them to send you periodical feedbacks on your kids’ performance in school (both in academics and extra curricular).Establish communication channels via emails, phone, text etc. Some schools have back to school nights or orientation programs where parents can meet prospective teachers. Do not miss this opportunity. If your child has some special needs make sure you put it across to the teacher straightaway. Teachers sometimes also send welcome letters addressed to parents and students outlining important guidelines and informations which would be followed throughout the academic session. Read and acknowledge any such communication and keep them safe year round.  Its also important to familiarise yourself with some other important school people such as the principal, some office staff, school counsellor, school doctor/nurse, PTA members and other activities coordinators according to your child’s need and interests.

4. After School review : After school time parents should actively get involved with the kids. Talk to them about their school experience, their new friends, school curriculum, teachers, activities etc. Share your desire to help them with their school work and projects. Find out early if they are facing any difficulty in their studies or classroom experience. Talk to them about various extra curricular activities they can pursue in the school. Encourage productive habits from day 1 such as being regular in studies and homework, positive reading habits, time management and utilising online educational resources to learn new things. All these small but regular efforts will insure progress of your child and develop them as well rounded humans.

5. Shop : While most parents do extravagant back to school shopping for backpacks, tiffins, clothes, shoes etc. weeks before the schools open; there are certain necessary school supplies that must be stocked within the first week of school. Most teachers are likely to send a class supply list within the first week itself. These will generally include necessary books and text materials, stationary supplies like mathematical tools (compass, protractor etc.), activity supplies (coloured pens, coloured paper sheets), project related supplies, laboratory specific stuff etc. All this will depend on the grade that your child is going to. Also let your kids buy some cool notebooks, theme or cartoon character related accessories, fashion and chic stuff and colourful school stuff such as tiffins, bottles etc. This will make school an exciting experience for your kids and ease the transition anxiety. Take the kids along with you for shopping, keep explaining the significance of the school supplies and build their anticipation for upcoming school projects and activities. This will keep their enthusiasm up for going to school much more beyond just the day 1. Also look out for various cool back to school offers, giveaways and discounts .

Do share your back to school day experience and any other parenting tips for the first week of school.

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