Law may be defined as set of rules or principle framed by the government whose violation results in penalty. These rules are made in order to abolish all the illegal acts which are done by the people. It guides our conduct in society and is enforceable. Wherever we are or wherever we go, everywhere law is implemented. Law is applicable for each individual whether he/she works in a firm or not or lives in a society. It is not enforced directly to the people but is applicable through different acts like Companies Act,1956, Contract Act, 1872, Partnership Act,1932 and so on…Each country has its own law. Every individual should be aware of the law of the country where they are residing. If any individual does any sort of agreement with another without knowing that it is not permitted by the law, even though he /she is punished as being a citizen it’s his duty to be aware of the rules and regulation prevailed.


Law is implemented in for the welfare of the people so that they can live peacefully. Not only this but also it has even contributed for the development of the country. For example, we pay different tax such as income tax, service tax, etc. All these taxes are paid by the individual to the government and all the funds are utilized for the welfare of the country. All these taxes are imposed through Income Tax Act, Finance Act and these Acts came into existence due to law. As every family knows, in any community there will always be disputes over who should have what of a limited number of resources, law is needed to resolve these disputes. Law plays a vital role in encouraging us to do the right thing.

Studying law can lead to myriad opportunities in a legal profession. Students who studies law for their professional career needs to do to the depth of it. To study law, one must have the self-discipline to study often and the memory to be tested on large amounts of material at one time. However, studying law is not just about smarts and self-discipline, but creativity. Lawyers are often tested on their ability to think creatively to come up with ideas and solutions for policy, trial and other legal issues. Students of law are thus taught how to think creatively within the constraints of the law.

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