Law, the word tells us about the rules and regulation made for the individual, society or the country by social institution to administrate their behaviour in order to maintain peace and development in the nation.

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Law is very important in various respects: it defends us from evil acts and people of the society helping in living a secure life, it helps to resolve disputes of properties or any other goods, it encourages people to do right thing, and thus it helps in promoting common good and welfare of the people. Law enables people to leave a secure life and perform the act within some limited boundaries so that it does not affect the mankind and the country. Therefore, law is an important subject that helps in building up student’s brain to differentiate between good and the bad and thus, take the correct decision accordingly. Law is important in various sectors, like the business entity, government organisation, civil law, political law and so on.

Law is an central subject and yes many students pursue this as their future career but then law doesn’t only mean that one should have good interactive skills and ideas, one must be very good at picking of even the small things in a few seconds. Hard work, patience, creativity, logics, smartness, decision making, research all these term can define a good lawyer. Law is nowadays important in every of the field because only a good consultant or the lawyer in a particular field can help people come out of their problems and then get a positive solution. Therefore, there is a great career option in the field and hence is the reason that most of the students go for the subject.

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