The major part of earth’s lands, inhabitants, and features comes when students study geography in school and college. The academic studies of geography is an excellent bridge between the human and physical sciences. Geography covers the major portion of social studies thus students need more concentration while doing their assignment and homework in geography given by school teacher.

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The academic study of geography is divided into two major categories as follows: — physical geography and human geography.

  • Physical Geography: — It is very well known as earth science in academic studies. The objective of physical geography study is of physical problems related to atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, fauna patterns, global flora and pedosphere. This geography has a much wider scope and covers all major physical problems of earth.
  • Human Geography: — Human geography is a study of patterns and processes that shape human interaction with various environments present on the earth. There are various important things included namely cultural, social, human, economic and political aspects in human geography.

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