Computer is an electronic machine designed by human to make the work simpler and easier. Computer has become the necessity of every individual on the earth.

We are all well aware that computer is used everywhere, in schools, colleges, labs, business, industries, factories etc. the use of this device has not only helped in making task simpler, instead it has also bought development in science and technology making human civilization explore every portion of the world. With the discovery of computer, we now have meaning to our lives as it has become easy for us to locate and understand things in a better and clear way. On one hand computers have made life effortless whereas on the other hand the use of computers in almost all the arenas has increased the demand of well educated and experienced manpower in every field who can work well with this technology. Whether it’s a simple job or the high level task, computer knowledge is must in every ground. Right from the reservation to working 24*7 in well reputed company, computer knowledge hold maximum significance. In fact, individual with computer knowledge in respective field are given first preference in comparison to those who lack this qualification. Hence, for any students computer knowledge is an important step for better career.

enhance the computer knowledge of students

Students basically have computer as one of the important subjects in their schooling level whereas in the higher classes, they are left with choice whether or not to pursue computers for the further career? Hence as per the interest some go for the field that completely deals and educates students regarding the PC and its related programmers whereas other don’t keep computer education in their first preference list. As already explained above, knowledge on computer programs are required in almost all the field, hence students who fails to get computer education lacks behind in job opportunities.

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