Assignments are given with the motive of making students well prepared for the upcoming future helping them score good marks.

Assignments have lots of advantages and disadvantages but speaking sincerely, due to work load and pressure of studies, students rarely find it possible to manage time for the assignments. They seldom get proper content and materials for their task on a single run , i.e. until and unless they don’t give maximum time for the task no output is received and most importantly they fails to gather clear knowledge in particular topic. Overall assignments actually means struggle, and if no effort is put on it becomes difficult for the students to gather overall information and frame it in a presentable way.

One important thing for an assignment is that it becomes helpful not only to the writer but also for those who reads it, because the information engraved in assignments whether its science, commerce, finance or any other field is the output of deep research and analysis on the subject. Hence, whoever reads it; they can make their concept clear on the topic and use that information in the upcoming future.

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