What is E-learning ?

E-learning is a subset of education technology which offers an online learning and teaching platform to disperse knowledge with the help of internet technology. Elearning offers conceptual and experimental learning through machines, media platforms and network solutions. E-learning takes place both inside and outside of the classrooms. Elearning solution consists of both instructor-led synchronous learning tools as well self-paced asynchronous style e-learning platforms. Elearning has gained tremendous importance because of the several competitive advantages in a number of areas like accessibility, inclusiveness, flexibility, technology and convenience.

What does e-learning education consist of?

E-learning had a modest beginning in distance learning programs. With the growth of Internet and Communication Technology (ICT), a variety of elearning platforms have come up. These online educational resources have gained mass popularity with the school and university kids. Today, e-learning tools and technologies span across simple home based learning programs, pre-recorded audio and video study tools, recorded video lectures, live streaming of classroom teachings, classroom aids and multimedia based learning, mobile learning, MOOCs, personalised online tutoring, e-learning authoring tools and epublished books, online homework help services, online writing assistance and editing services as well as far more sophisticated education technology and e-learning solutions including technology enhanced aids, augmented learning spaces, virtual reality based corporate e-learning tools, online training software, online IT training and certification programs.

Many schools, colleges and universities are also offering their own virtual learning centers to offer online courses and online degrees from their institutions. These online learning centers and virtual universities allow students as well as adult learners to gather knowledge and acquire/update relevant work skills.

Advantages of e learning

Home based e-learning is also trending above regular classroom teaching for the sake of convenience, comfort and savings it offers in terms of space, pace, money and time. Instead of attending regular classroom lectures, e-learning websites allow students to learn from the comfort of their own home, library, or anywhere else with a PC/Mobile/Tablet/Laptop and a working internet connection. The study content of various grades can be easily accessed by the student in the format of ebooks, online study guides and stepwise solution manuals, e-mail exchange with online tutors, live chat with online tutors, downloadable videos, pre-recorded lectures, audio study guides and pre-loaded content on controlled Tablet devices.

The new online education technology and e-learning resources are far more engaging, personalized and interactive compared to the traditional classroom teaching formats. E-learning approaches offer a vastly more engaging classroom atmosphere as well as the option for a fully tailored and self-paced online curriculum for at home learning. Most learning institutions worldwide are embracing a blended learning format by utilising computer aided learning and internet/multimedia based instructions platform along with a technology enhanced e-learning content and a learning content management system on varied scales. These media-enabled technology enhanced learning content is more engaging than the dry-textbook options.

Most educators also applaud the ease and potential of flipped classroom solutions as an additional support to the classroom learning. In a flipped classroom model, students can learn the basic conceptual and core contexts outside the classroom through e learning content providers and e courses while the classroom teaching is reserved for more practice based application and assessment oriented details of the same content.

Various e learning websites also offer personalized online tutoring service to students. Apart from defraying the travel time and mounting tuition fees, online tutoring is immensely beneficial for students who are take longer time than others to understand concepts in classroom and often hesitate to ask their doubts with the teachers. E-tutoring allows slow learners to customize the content delivery style, difficulty level and speed to suit their learning style and allows students to freely interact live with an expert tutor to work out their strengths and weakness.

Online learning resources can play a huge role in removing educational inequalities globally and helping in global integration of degree programs and job markets. This will specifically help to bring down the overall tuition cost across the globe. Students from developing countries and low-income families will be immensely benefited with free online learning programs.

Also, e-learning resources are an immense benefit for inclusion of adult learners, veterans and working professionals in continuing education and training programs. While learning is a lifelong process, most classrooms and full time degree programs come with age restrictions for enrollment. However, E-learning websites demand no such age bars. Anyone willing to learn anything, anytime is allowed to do so. Various self-paced online learning programs and adaptive teaching tools are more engaging and offer better learning outcomes compared to a teacher-controlled classroom instruction. Most asynchronous online learning options also offer the convenience of time and location as well to non full time students who find it difficult to study with their jobs. E-learning is especially useful for adult learners and working professionals as it allows them the flexibility and convenience in terms of time and travel. Thus, without opting out of their current job or juggling time between work and part-time and evening colleges, working professionals can utilize their free hours to enroll in accredited online degrees, online diplomas and online certification programs and training to upgrade their knowledge and skills.

Future of e-learning

E learning has rapidly evolved from a thing of the future to a practical approach towards education. It will continue to be an extremely useful classroom teaching tool as well as self-study platform. With the rise of virtual reality technology and augment reality solutions, experimental subjects, skill-based learning and military training will come to depend more heavily on e-learning solutions. Various education technology providers are also hinting towards the rise of mobile learning solutions (also known as mlearning) as the advanced stage of education technology in future. i phone and face time based online tutoring has also become popular and is being termed as ilearning platform.

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