The branch of Civil Engineering is rated one of the oldest engineering discipline, focus mainly on planning, designing, construction, executing and maintenance of physical structural works namely airports, ports, buildings, bridges, sewage systems, tunnels, canals, dams, highways, roads etc. This engineering disciplines offers challenging career opportunities for civil engineering students.

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A civil engineer needs a high standard of structural engineering knowledge. Apart from this civil engineer have supervisory and very good administrative skills. The responsibilities of civil engineer start from planning and designing of a project, constructing the project as per standard.

A civil engineer also deals with maintenance of final products or repair of the project. While planning part involves feasibility studies, site investigation, and find solutions of any complications with respect to actual designing of structures. These construction work involves regularly interact with clients, architects, contractors, government officials, and supervision of work as per standards.

The study of civil engineering has so vast that students can specialize in any of sub-disciplines subjects. Below we have a list of sub-disciplines in civil engineering as follows: —

  1. Structural engineering
  2. Construction engineering
  3. Transportation engineering
  4. Materials engineering
  5. Environmental engineering
  6. Water Resources engineering
  7. Geo-technical engineering
  8. Municipal or Urban engineering
  9. Coastal engineering
  10. Hydraulic engineering
  11. Surveying

Civil engineering plays an important role to develop infrastructure of town, railways, water supply, drainage system, roads, and airports. In modern days civil engineering plays an important role to minimize air pollution, preserve and protect environment from industrialization. A civil engineer has very good planning, scheduling and management skills of their projects or construction activities. No doubt that civil engineer has critical role in infrastructural development on the economy of a country.

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