Nutrition is the taking in of healthy food that fulfils all the requirement of the body and helps in proper functioning of the system.

Nutritious food is very much important for the healthy, quality and long life. Nutrition refers to the food items that fulfil the requirement of our body whether it’s the carrot providing vitamin A, milk carrying up calcium, potatoes having starch. These food items when taken in correct way and required amount help to build up the immunity of any individual and hence contribute in providing him the healthy life. In today’s context, life of every individual is very busy due to growing competition for stable career. In this busy schedule, people generally seem to be careless of their health and diet plan. They go for street food item or the restaurant foodies. But then wherever they eat, the main focus of these food items is to satisfy customer with food having delicious taste rather than focusing on their health. Therefore, people frequently fall ill and hence are loaded with bunch of medicine.

nutrition health care essay

Scientist has also proved that the food we eat have significant impact on our body. Therefore, nutrition health care helps people get relive from several internal problem faced by the body. They go on deep investigation regarding the food item taken by the patient and hence finding out reasons behind the nutrition intervention that will be directed towards the root cause. Therefore, in this way they can help the patient know about their wrong food habit and hence, providing them the proper description of the same. Beside this, nutrition health care have several drugs and medicine that compensate the nutritional problem of the patient body helping them get relive from the problem as soon as possible. Designing various therapies, launching several nutritional food programmes, researching on the manufactured food item, helping in the improve in quality of food item, designing drugs to cure patient with wrong intake of diet are some of the act carried by nutritional health care to improve the health of individual and raise awareness in people regarding the healthy lifestyle.

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