Abortion is the dissolution of pregnancy which can be spontaneously or the induced one. Spontaneously, abortion can occur due to several reasons and hence can lead to death of the developing foetus or the embryo; this can also be called as miscarriage. Generally abortion is related to the induced one which is carried by people due to most of the reasons.

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Abortion can be medical or surgical. Medical abortion is possible only during first 49 days of pregnancy using certain types of drugs. These drugs works well causing high bleeding at the home, but the patient need to visit the respected doctor many times and this treatment rarely show effect once the first 45 days is crossed. Surgical abortion on the other side is carried out at the first trimester using the suction method, particularly called vacuum aspiration. After the abortion the woman can return home after a day. Abortions at second trimester are rare, usually carried only when there is a complication in the pregnancy or else it is rarely carried by the doctors.

Abortion is done for various reasons. In case the developing foetus in not wanted by the parents, they go for abortion. In other cases when the foetus possesses certain problem or there is risk of mother life on delivering the child, abortion becomes necessity. Most of the girls become victim of raped cases and hence, when they get pregnant, they go for abortion. Abortion is not always wrong; it sometimes becomes necessity for the women to go for the abortion. There are also cases in some countries where people abort the child after knowing the gender and hence, to reduce this unacceptable attempt, government and the system of related countries has made certain restriction and punishment for those family and parents who go for gender test i.e. knowing whether the developing foetus is male or the female.

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