Assignment is plays one of the vital role in students life. It is the source of collection of information and then retrieving the information’s from the part of brain whenever needed.

Assignments have lots of benefits that can help students progress ahead in the future. Assignment helps students utilize their brain in the productive way creating the impactful task from all the collected information. Assignment act like a guide for the student in present, as well as in future where they can find out all the information and answers without going through books time and again. Our brain acts like the data card and the information their act like the content of our assignment. We can imagine this in a way that, at the beginning it takes time and effort to store up the information in the data card but once the task is done, we can retrieve any part whenever we need it. Our brain and the assignment we complete works in the similar way, thus, increasing up the student’s efficiency for the task. Beside this, our mind grab things in short period when we plan and implement them, so during the process of investigating and making up the assignment students gets to learn a lot of stuffs enlightening even the smallest yet the necessary information.

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Assignment are required and thus necessary in almost all the field, whether an individual holds science, commerce, arts or any other background. Teachers usually assign students the task to be completed in specific time to judge their interest and capability regarding the subject in the related field. Apart from this they want students to have a deep study on some of the important topics therefore, assignment becomes the medium for the teachers to make up students capable to answer all the questions that comes on their way.

Assignment surely possesses lots of advantages but if we take a view of the practical scenario around us, we can figure out that there are lot of things that one needs to focus on, besides assignment. The situation is changing every now and then and being bound up only in single field is not acceptable by the advancing time. So, students are generally involved in several other tasks at the same time and due to this they normally miss out many of their classes and lectures. In this hectic schedule when they are given this job that needed to be completed in specific time, they get frazzled. It is because they cannot give all the required time for the assignment and thus, the stress builds up. In such situation, they try going for other alternatives but then still they remain in loss i.e. the assignment completed by someone else generally is submitted as it is, and they get deprive of all the necessary information. They can never understand the topic crystal clearly as they could have resulting in the loss of their time and marks.

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