Architecture is the art of planning, designing and construction. It is fully the product of creativity, ideas and knowledge. Therefore, architect is the science of scheming and erecting any of the physical structures.

Architectural study is one of the interesting fields that help the development of artistic part of student’s brain. This subject is though added in the recent era but then old buildings, carvings in monuments can be the very good example to elaborate the importance of such tools and techniques even in past centuries.

Architecture is not all about designing a building, it also adds up to the environment making it suitable for the individual to live and thus enjoy a peaceful life. Therefore, the study of architecture focuses on overall atmosphere rather than a single model.

Architectural study can help students in various respects. It motivates them to put up the ideas on the real world, brightening up their career along with the interest. On the professional front, any individual who passes out with good grades can surely get a satisfying job with high amount of salary. Challenging, imaginable, profitable, creativity can all very well define the subject and thus all the related opportunity that one can easily grab. Apart from this, the field requires knowledge of all the other roots relating the subject like physics, maths, art, science, and so on. So, it becomes the diversified scope for the students with all the beautiful creations.

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The arena and yet the job of an architect seems really impressive but then the other part of the subject is the assignment. The architectural knowledge an the job is the creative part that provides students with the stable and a successful career opportunity but then when it is about gaining knowledge of various techniques and the subject, the task is itself a time consuming act. Beside this, architectural students are generally busy visiting several places, gathering information and knowledge, analysing things, learning to create a picture that can be placed up in a real format and so on. So, in this busy schedule and hard work they find less time to dedicate towards the assignment.

Yes, of course assignment is the medium through which they can invent or research on a particular subject but then it is equally a time taking task. Assignment is generally centred for the single topic and dedicating the part of their maximum time on a single task is a job of risk because their planned schedule generally get messed up thus, creating a disturbance of their mind and activities.

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