Which ones do you consider to be the best days of your life? In future, when anyone is going to ask you that question, I bet your answer will be your university days. Right now, you’re just out of school and filling applications for further studies but somewhere, deep down, I know you feel anxious about going into this new phase of life about which there is an overload of hype on social media almost everywhere. When you turn to your parents and relatives, they are bound to tell you that it is one of the most important phases of your life and that, you should work hard and make most of it. On the other hand, when you turn to your older cousins, seniors, and people just a generation down yours, you will realize that they will tell you to make most of it by having the most fun you can during your university days. I am sure you are much confused about which one to do and also, that you wouldn’t want to make any mistakes.

But here I am, with the article, to tell you that you can most certainly do both. You can work hard on your studies, get good grades, have fun and make hundreds of memories to stay with you forever. We have all been there and felt exactly the things you are feeling. So, yes, I can tell you a few tips and tricks, or rather you can call them habits which, if inculcated rightly, will make your university days the best ones of your life. Read on to find out the ten golden habits of highly successful university students.

1 – Become super organized.

I cannot stress more on this one and so, this is the first habit I am mentioning. I spent two of my university years in a mess and learnt in the third year that being disorganized will get you nowhere. While on the other hand, if you are organized, you will feel most of your tension going away. I know a lot of you will be thinking and would probably wonder how can you have fun if you’re organized because that’s like the study thing, isn’t it? Well, it is and it is not. Being organized is most certainly a study thing but I am telling you to have is to have organized fun (of course, you can go random sometimes, but then, only sometimes). I suggest you make a plan, or even better buy a planner and keep up with it. This way you can block your time for important tasks and also the times when you are allowed to have fun and this way, you will not even feel guilty of taking some needed time off.

2 – Focus on your studies

This is a mistake made by a lot of students. I can understand that going to university can be a big deal for many as it is a very different kind of exposure from what one gets in school. You want to make new friends, there are new places to visit, a new place of residence for many- hostel life, bunking classes being the new fad etc. etc. So, the point I am trying to make here is quite clear. It can be pretty overwhelming when you go to university for the first time and you might get distracted by everything that is happening around you. You want to try out new things and in doing so, you might forget that you have primarily come to this place to study and make most of your future. Just remember that if you screw your first year academically, you might regret that later.

3 – Don’t shy away from trying new things.

I know, I know. Now you might be thinking that I am contradicting myself. But I am not, because it was important to tell you that studies are important but you have to know that studies alone will not do you any good. In the real world out there, experiences matter much more than the academic books you read. So, if you get a chance to dance in the college fest on the latest item number and you know you have never done it before, challenge yourself and do it. And mind you, it doesn’t have to be that big a thing. If you do not want to be under the spotlight, then you can learn to do small things which you haven’t done before, like learning to make sandwiches for a midnight treat in the hostel.

4 – Make new friends.

Now this one can be pretty intimidating for some of you since not everyone is good at talking to people and making new friends. I am not asking you to have a large group of friends. But rather, try and talk to everyone you can. Do not shy away from situations that can help you make friends. The reason I am stressing on this one is because life can be really hard and your friends can be a huge support system for you. Hence, take the leap and make some buddies.

5 – Clean your room.

Yes, I am adding that one here because I know a lot of other articles never mention it and that, it is of really high importance. At home, you might have never felt the need to sweep the floor and clean the utensils because your parents would have taken care and so, when you go to university, you may not be accustomed to cleaning the place. But trust me, making your bed each day and giving the laundry every week will take you long.

6 – Focus on what is being taught in class

Many students underestimate the power of this advice but this is so true. As university students, you will always and always want to bunk classes because that is the one greatest fad of being a college-going student. And of course, you can do that sometimes (only sometimes). However, you should know that being in class and concentrating on what your teacher is talking about is going to help you a lot. This way, when you study afterwards in your room, nothing will feel new to you. So, I guess you should say goodbye to secretly scrolling your Instagram feed in class.

7 – Get enough sleep.

Now this, as you will find, is going to be a difficult one to follow because the habits I suggested above are too damn tiring and you would want to focus on your studies, try new things and spend loads of fun time with your friends. So, in order to do that, you might reduce your sleep time. But beware my friend, as this will be the biggest mistake of your college life. If you cut down on your sleep time, you feel lethargic and groggy all day. So then how will you do all of it without losing your sleep? Go back to point number 1. Plan everything out, even your sleep timings.

8 – Make notes.

And by that, I do not mean photocopying some other student’s notes because that is not really going to help you and no, that is not the same as making your notes in class. It’s okay to borrow notes if you missed a class, but even then, you should strive to make your own notes in class. It is going to help you in remembering whatever the teacher taught in class and when you go back to your room and study from the textbook, you can add on to those notes you already made in class. This way of learning will help you retain the information and you will not have to cry one day before the exam.

9 – Do not mug up for exams.

A lot of times, students mug facts and even long paragraphs from the textbook and tend to copy and paste the exact same thing in the exam. This is a habit which they generally acquire from their school days. However, I highly recommend against this idea. There are high chances are you will score well in the exam because obviously, you would have written the right answer. But it is the wrong way of learning and it will not help you in the outside world once you are outside the university. Hence, I suggest that you try to understand the concepts taught in the university by the teacher. If you are struggling with the idea, you can always ask doubts and see the teacher after the class. If you feel shy asking a teacher, you can even learn from YouTube as a lot of informative videos are available there. You can get online assignment help services at an affordable price. But you must always try to understand and not mug up stuff.

10 – Do not multitask

I mention this as the last point because I wanted you to know the other points first. Now that you know what all you need to do in order to have an amazing and productive university life, you should also know that each of those tasks should be done individually. You should not try to multitask as that will only reduce your efficiency of working in the best way possible. When you are studying, focus on only that and do not let distractions come in the way. In the same manner, when you are out with your friends having fun, do not let the study bug give you unnecessary tension.
So those were ten golden habits that you can try inculcating in yourself for amazing university life. I hope these will help you make your university days the best days of your life. All the best and keep coming back for more.