Human Resource Management – Specific HR strategies

Specific HR strategies set out what the organization intends to do in areas such as:

    • Talent management – how the organization intends to develop its people and using them at their best.
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  • Continuous improvement – providing for focused and continuous innovation rhymed with development of an individual
  • Knowledge management – creating, acquiring, capturing, sharing and using knowledge to enhance the learning curve of all employees.
  • Resourcing – attracting and retaining high-quality people in the organization.
  • Learning and developing – providing an environment in which employees are encouraged to learn and develop individually.
  • Reward – defining what the organization wants to do in the longer term to develop and implement reward policies, practices and processes that will further the achievement of its business goals and meet the needs of its stakeholders in alignment with employees satisfaction.
  • Employee relations – defining the intentions of the organization about what needs to be done in terms of employee engagement and what needs to be changed in the ways in which the organization manages its relationships with employees and their trade unions.

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