Human Resource Management – High Performance Management

High-performance management

High-performance management aims to draw an impact on the performance of the organization through its people in such areas as productivity, quality, customer service, growth, profits and, ultimately, the delivery of increased shareholder value. High-performance management practices include rigorous recruitment and selection procedures, extensive and relevant training and management development activities, incentive pay systems, reward management, equality principle and performance management processes.

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An organization's HR strategies, policies, practices and procedures are a unique blend of processes, personalities, styles, attitudes, capabilities and organizational culture. One of the keys to competitive advantage is the ability to differentiate what the business supplies to its customers from what is supplied by its competitors, which actually makes the difference n the corporate world. Such differentiation can be achieved by having human resource strategies that ensure that the firm has higher-quality people than its competitors, by developing and nurturing the intellectual capital possessed by the business and by functioning as a ‘learning and developing organization’.

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