Human Resource Management – Setting out the Strategy

Setting out the Strategy

Human Resources Assignment Help Order Now Strategy and the plans for implementing it could be set out under the following heads:-

  1. Basis – business needs in terms of the key elements required to formulate business strategy.
    • Environmental factors and analysis (SWOT).
    • Cultural factors – important for implementation.
  2. Content – details of the proposed HR strategy.
  3. Rationale – the business case to be established for the strategy against the background of business needs and cultural factors.
  4. Implementation plan – action program
    • Responsibility for each stage required in the process.
    • Resources required.
    • Proposed arrangements for communication, consultation, involvement and training;
    • Project management arrangements..
  5. Costs and benefits analysis – an assessment of the resource implications of the plan which include costs, people and facilities and the benefits that will accrue, for the organization as a whole, for line managers and for individual employees.

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