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10.4 Space Lattice

In a crystal, the constituent particles are orderly arranged in three dimensions. Geometrically, these particles (atoms, ions or molecules) can be shown by points. So, a crystal may be represented by a regular array of points (each point representing a constituent atom, ion or molecules). A regular arrangement of point (each representing an atom, ion or a molecule), in three dimension is called a space lattice, or crystal lattice.

space lattice

The locations of points in a space lattice are called the lattice points.

A space lattice is characterized by the distance between the successive points along each of three axes, and the angles between these axes.

A space lattice has the following characteristics:

(1) Each point in the space lattice represents an atom or a group of atoms.

(2) Each point in the space lattice as identical surroundings throughout.

(3) A straight line passing through any two points should pass at equal intervals through a series of similar points.

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