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10.1 Classification of Solids

Solids can be broadly classified into two types: (1) Crystalline and (2) Amorphous

10.1.1 Classification of Crystalline Solids

On the basis of the nature of the constituent particles, and the inter particle forces, crystalline solids may be divided into four classes:

(a) Molecular solids (b) Covalent solids (c) Metallic solids (d) Ionic solids

CharacteristicMolecular SolidsCovalent NetworkMetallic SolidsIonic Solids


Units that occupy Lattice points

Atoms or molecules


Positive ions in a ‘sea of electrons’

Positive and negative ions

2.Binding forces

Van der Waal’s forces (weak intermolecular forces) of following two types

(i) London (dispersion)




Covalent bonding

(shared pair of electrons)

Metallic bonding (extreme deloc- alised bond)–positively charged atomic cores

surrounded by ‘sea’ of delocalized electrons

ionic bonding



between positive

and negative



Physical properties

(i) Very soft.

(ii) Low melting


(iii) Non conductors

(i) Very hard

(ii) Very high melting points

(iii) Non


(i) Hard or soft

(ii) Moderate to high melting points

(iii) Good conductors in molten state

(i) Quite hard

and brittle

(ii) Fairly high


4.ExamplesSolid Ne, Solid NH3,

ice (solid H2O),

dry ice (solid CO2)
Diamond, Carborundum (SiC), quartz(SiO2)Cu, Fe, AgNaCl, KNO3


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