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Total blood volume is about 8% of body weight. It contain cells ERYTHROCYTE(RBC), leucocytes(WBC), and platelets or thrombocytes. Plasma represents 55% of total blood volume. Plasma contains 91% water, 1% inorganic molecules, 8% organic molecules in this 8% &% is plasma proteins 1% non protein nitrogenous substances.

function of blood

  1. Respiratory
  2. Nutritive
  3. Excretory
  4. Homeostatic
  5. regulation of body temp.
  6. chemical for communication and protection
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Blood Indices

  1. Mean corpuscular volume:- volume of single RBC in fL

PCV per 100 ml blood *10 fL


RBC count in million/micro L

  1. Mean corpuscular haemoglobin(MCH) :- average amount of haemoglobin in a single RBC in picogram
  2. Mean corpuscular haemoglobin concentration(MCHC)

Anaemias :- a clinical condition characterized by reduction in the number of RBCs less than 4 million/micro L or the content of haemoglobin less than 12gm/dL. It is classified in following classification

Etiological or Whitby’s classification:-

1. Haemorrhagic
2. Dietary deficiencies
3. Dyshematopoiesis
4. Hemolytic

Morphological or Wintrobe’s classification :-

1. Pernicious anemia or addison’s anemia
2. Folic acid deficiency anaemia
3. Iron deficiency anaemia
4. Congenital spherocytosis
5. Erythroblastosis foetalis
6. Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency anaemia

Jaundice:- yellow discoouration of the skin, eyes, and other body parts. Clinical jaundice occurs when serum bilirubin exceeds 2 mg/dL. Jaundice can be of

1. PRE Hepatice(hemolytic)
2. HEPATIC(hepatocellular)
3.POST HEPATIC(obstructive) jaundice

Coagulation Of Blood :-

Spontaneous arrest of bleeding by physiological process is called haemostasis. It occurs mainly by a series of complex reactions which can be grouped under.

1. Intrinsic mechanism
2. Extrinsic mechanism

Blood Group :-

there are number of blood group type but important one are
1. ABO type
2.Rhesus type
3. M and N blood group.

Landsteiner’s law states, If an agglutinogen is present in the RBCs of an individual, the corresponding agglutinin must be absent from the plasma and vice-versa

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