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Heart is a pumping organ. It has two atrium and two ventricles they are separated by atrio-ventricular valve(A-V Valve).

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Pace maker tissue of heart include

1. SA Node
2. AV Node
3. Bundle of his
4. Purkinje fibers.

Cardiac cycle :- The sequence of changes in the pressure and flow in the heart chamber and blood vessels in between the two subsequent contraction. It has a duration of 0.8 second.

Electrocardiogram(ECG): it is the record of electrical fluctuation during cardiac cycle. It has various waves the P,Q,R,S,T and U waves.

Abnormal ECG finding can be due to
1. Heart block
2. New rhythm centre
3. Myocardial infarction
4.effects due to change in the ionic composition of blood

Blood Pressure :-

The arterial blood pressure (B.P) is the pressure of the column of blood in the arterial system. Factors affecting the arterial B.P
1. Age
2. Body built
3.diurnal variation
4. Exercise
5. Emotions
6. Postures etc.

Shock:-is a clinical syndrome characterized by impairment of adequate tissue perfusion primarly due to low cardiac output.

Types of shock

1. Hypovolumic shock
2. Distributive shock
3. Cardiogenic shock
4. Obstructive shock.

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