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Statistics a very interesting subject and has many facets to it. It is used in many fields and work profiles nowadays. The main definition of statistics is that it is a study of specified data of a chosen place, also called as the sample space, and data is retrieved and analyzed, interpreted and organized as per the need. Statistics, in other words is the classified factual representation of the basic conditions of a certain place and people of that place. The state of the data is analyzed as per this place and people. Numerical statements of facts in any of the particular departments in which basic inquiry is done, relates with the statistics. Sometimes, the data through census cannot be determined and collected, hence the statisticians use a different approach to the collection of the data and the designs used are mainly of rigid format. Use of survey samples is extended.

Statistics are basically synonymous with census word. Census is basically the systematized procedure of systematically acquiring the basic and population based information from the people of a place or the citizens. It is the process of recording all the relevant information about the members of a single family in the population. It is a very lengthy yet very helpful process of collecting the data. Census is also a very systematic process which happens in regular time intervals, it can be every five years or ten years. It is the official count of the population meter. Census term is widely used with the connection of the national population and the major housing censuses. Other widely used censuses are of agriculture, traffic and business. Also the United Nations have stated that there are many essential features in the Census such as the individual enumeration of the universality of the population. United Nation has also stated that Census should be encouraged every two to three years.

There are basically two very important types of methodologies which are used for data analysis process:

1) Inferential statistics method

In this method, the conclusions are drawn and summed from the data which is the main subject for the random variation and same processes. The total population to be studied is assumed to be larger and more covered. It is considered bigger than the observed data set which in other words means the observed data assumption which is to be sampled from a very large population. This type of statistics is usually contrasted with the other descriptive statistics factors.

2) Descriptive statistics approach

In this very method, the data is summarized from a basic sample. This sample is derived by using various measuring indexes such as standard deviation, mean and mode. This type of method of data collection is concerned with the correlation of two sets of the distribution properties which is central tendency and the dispersion. Central tendency means the technique which seeks to characterize the main value or the typical value of the distribution. On the other hand, dispersion characterizes the total extent to which the total numbers and values of the distribution value depart from its core center and along each other.

There are two main types of Data collection techniques which are used extensively to collect the data and then later analyze, these are:

1) Sampling

It is a process of collecting the data in which a sample space is allotted. We know that full census cannot be collected as it is in very large number. The statistics experts collect the ample data simply by developing some specific designs and experiments tools to collect the information. Survey samples are also used in this process. Statistics itself provides some natural tools for the assumption and prediction of the sample. Samples are generated on the basis of gender, age, place, origin and demography. Sampling theory basically stats that the mathematical discipline of the total probability theory will be same. Probability is a method used in the mathematical study operations for the study and analyze of distribution sampling and statistical sampling. The basic use of any sampling statistical method is valid and legitimate when the overall system of the population is under the consideration. It should satisfy the statistician doing this.

2) Experimental and observational study method

The main common goal of a statically data collection is to investigate the major causality and in very particular the main aspects of the research study. The conclusion drawing should be effecting in the changes in the moral values of the predictors or the independent variables on the dependent variables. An experimental study involves taking measurements of the system under study, manipulating the system, and then taking additional measurements using the same procedure to determine if the manipulation has modified the values of the measurements. On other hand, the observational study does not really involve the minor manipulation of experiments.

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