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Statistics is the subject of studying the data analysis, collection, presentation and the interpretation of the data. The major approach of statistics is through industrial approach, scientific and also social stats. It is considered very convenient and overly to begin the statistics format with any model or statistical population, which are calculated to be processed. The major help, which the study of statistics help in, is to calculate and process the population. The population calculation is a very lengthy and expensive process, but with the help of statistics and models it gets simplified. The main statistical model for population analysis is the census data collection, which is not collected directly but is initiated by developing a specific experiment design and also the survey samples.

There are basically two main statistical methodologies which are extensively used in data collection by the expert statisticians, these are:

1) Descriptive statistics method

In this very method, the data is summarized from a basic sample. This sample is derived by using various measuring indexes such as standard deviation, mean and mode. This type of method of data collection is concerned with the correlation of two sets of the distribution properties which is central tendency and the dispersion. Central tendency means the technique which seeks to characterize the main value or the typical value of the distribution. On the other hand, dispersion characterizes the total extent to which the total numbers and values of the distribution value depart from its core center and along each other.

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2) Inferential statistics method

In this method, the conclusions are drawn and summed from the data which is the main subject for the random variation and same processes. The total population to be studied is assumed to be larger and more covered. It is considered bigger than the observed data set which in other words means the observed data assumption which is to be sampled from a very large population. This type of statistics is usually contrasted with the other descriptive statistics factors.

As we know, the scope of this subject is very high. The field of knowledge and processing is very high and is considered very good field of work by the mathematicians and economists. Insurance sector and management science sectors offer a very high demand of statisticians. Every year many students fill up the form for the courses of stats, but only very few are selected. The competition is quite high in this field.

There are multiple concepts involved in the subject of statistics. These concepts are interrelated and hence the students find it sometime very confusing and doubtful to study and understand them. There are also many formulas and methods which are needed to be understood and practiced over and over again, in order to master this subject. To tackle this problem, we are here at assignmenthelp.net to ensure every student that all their problems related to the statistics will be solved thoroughly. Our tutors are basically academic experts who are willing to help the students in clearing their doubts and confusion and give a fresh start to this subject. We provide both local tutors as well international tutors, who experts in this.

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Statistics are a very vast concept and applied very commonly, some of these fields are:

1) Machine leaning and data mining

These are basically two different applications of the data management and data analysis. It is very important for the statistical tools to be implied in this.

2) Statistical computing

Statistical computing mainly refers to the computing and engineering of statistics through the computer networks. The sustained and rapid rise in the statistical computing has started since last decade. It has also made a strong impact on the same. The linear models and the model sampling processes have become easier than ever now. The super computers enacting with the suitable numerical algorithms and having an interest with an increased in the nonlinear models as a neural network is working very well. Generalized linear models and multilevel models are also working tremendously with this statistical computing.

3) Social Statistics

It is convenient use of the statistics and analysis methods for the measurement systems which are used to study the human behavior and the demographic aspects of a selected area. A specific social environment is chosen to study the human behavior. This is done by the grouping and polling of the sample unit and the sample frame. The evaluation process gets done and subset of the data is obtained about the group of study. The observation is then done on them. The main purpose of doing this type of statistics is to:

  • The basic evaluation of the quality of the services and for mainly many other purposes which are associated with them. It is for any particular group or an organization.
  • Determining the basic value and the wants of the people and citizens through the statistical sampling methods.
  • Analyzing the behaviors of the groups of the people in their very own environment and the special situations which rose with them.

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