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Finance is the science of money/fund/capital management. In other words, we can say that Finance is the trade of lending money. It is just like giving something to the needy person. The only difference is that you will have to pay the money back to the lender after a certain amount of time fixed by a mutual agreement between the giver and the taker along with the interest for that period of time. The interest depends on the sum of money and the time period for which the loan was taken.

Finance basically deals with how to spend and save money. The main areas into which finance can be subdivided are business finance, personal finance and public. It deals with how time, money and risk are all related. Finance is undoubtedly one of the most important areas of business management and deals with giving out loans and acquisition of funds in the market.

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There are different types of finance. They include an overdraft, bank loans and personal type.

  • Overdraft type of finance is very popular because of its availability and convenience. Because of of its features and reliability, its interest rates are very high when compared to other types of finances. Hence these types of finances are to be used with caution so as not a build up a high interest and create problems later. They are usually used on short terms by only capable and strong companies with a guarantee of return.
  • The second type of finance is banking finance. Here users get loans from private and government based banks for low interest rates, which are very useful to small scale business and users with personal needs. These banks offer these loans also with less documentation when compared to private firms and also provide an installment features for the return of money. This type is the most widely used around the world.
  • The last type of finance is Personal type. Here the people borrow money from moneylenders and from the people they know. This may be interest free or may be for a small extra amount. This is for users without proper security and legal documentation and mostly will arrive based on trust.

Finance careers in Australia

When students are looking for finance careers, students have a few options to consider. You may want to enter the world of banking after you finish your education in finance. Working with investments, as either a buyer or a seller, may appeal to you. Financial management is another finance career field that you may want to consider. Some student with a background in finance uses their skills to become real estate developers, mortgage brokers, or property managers.

Australian students can choose career in finance with a banking sector or other type of financial institution can be in either the public or private sector. You could find work as a banking manager who works with large corporate clients or who specializes in the needs of the small business owner. Other finance jobs you may want to consider involve developing and implementing policies for consumer lending or loan products. Finance careers also include duties involving budgeting and setting policies for credit card companies.

Finance careers in the field of investments include the positions of mutual funds or pension plans. You may also want to consider a career where you are responsible for investing funds held by an insurance company. The finance jobs mentioned here are all examples of ones where you would be buying investment products.

The jobs of stockbroker and securities analyst are examples of finance careers where you would be involved in the selling side of investments. If you enjoy working with clients and helping them to reach their financial goals, you may want to consider working as a financial adviser. A portfolio review associate is responsible for looking at past performance of mutual funds in a client's portfolio of holdings and reporting on their findings.

Other finance careers available are those of a financial analyst, revenue analyst, capital budgeting analyst and income tax compliance manager.

To become qualified for one of these finance careers, you would start by studying finance at the post-secondary level. A Bachelor's degree in finance would qualify you for entry-level finance careers. If you are interested in qualifying for a management position, a Master's degree in finance is necessary or much needed.

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