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How to do MBA in Australia (for international students)

What is MBA?

MBA, short for Master of Business Administration is a master's degree in business management. It originated in the early 20th century in the United States.

Graduating with an MBA can be very beneficial. It helps to facilitate company growth, impart great leadership skills and develops the overall personality of an individual.

Did you know Australia has the third most noteworthy number of worldwide students on the planet behind just the Assembled Kingdom and the Unified States regardless of having a populace of just 23 million? This isn't shocking when you consider Australia has seven of the main 100 colleges on the planet! Truth is told, with more than 22,000 courses crosswise over 1,100 establishments, Australia sits over any semblance of Germany, the Netherlands and Japan, positioning eighth in the Universities 2012 U21 Positioning of National Advanced Education Frameworks.

We all know there are certain courses that have an edge over others when it comes to expertise and popularity. When it comes to Australia, a lot of such courses are taught in its highly reputed universities. One of such courses that draw a lot of attention of both international and domestic students is Master of Business Administration (MBA).

There are many top MBA colleges in Australia. These colleges have the best professional staff and are accepted across the world. In fact, the Melbourne Business School features among the top MBA programs of the world and ranks number 7 in the MBA Institutes in the Asia Pacific Region (Source: QS Global 200 MBA Rankings 2014/15: Asia Pacific). The AGSM MBA Program from the University of New South Wales is at number 9 and the ANU College of Business and Economics at number 11.

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MBA Requirements in Australia

Bachelor Degree

In most of the Australian business schools, a three-year graduation is required for entry into the MBA programme. Thus, having a three-year degree like Bachelor of Commerce (BCom), Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BSc) is acceptable because it is considered equivalent to an Australian Bachelor (Ordinary) Degree. A good first degree is essential for taking admission in reputed universities in Australia. The students need to provide evidence to prove their credentials. For this the academic transcripts should be submitted.

However, there are some universities that accept students without a bachelor degree. But for that significant professional achievements and considerable work experience is required.

Work Experience

Most of the Australian business schools give high importance to having substantial exposure to the outside world. As a result, for getting admission in such universities, having two to three years of work experience is essential. Especially for all AMBA Accredited MBA Programs having a minimum of three years of full-time work experience is mandatory.

No Work Experience:

There are only about five to six universities in Australia that accept students in their MBA programme even without any work experience. However, for top business schools of Australia like Melbourne Business School, a good work experience is necessary.


The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), which is a computer adaptive test (CAT) meant to assess certain analytical, quantitative, writing, verbal, and reading skills in written English is recommended by many universities. However, in many Australian universities GMAT is not a mandatory requirement for admission into many Australian MBA programmes. However, students would have to give GMAT importance if they are aiming for top business schools of Australia like the Melbourne Business School.


The students must take either the TOEFL or IELTS for admission to a MBA program in Australia. This is required for all colleges. This is obligatory for most business colleges. Some schools waive this criterion after a personal interview.

Composing MBA Articles

The MBA application will incorporate a few inquiries (running from 1 to 10+) focussing on what you've done in your vocation up until this point, why are you pondering a MBA at this stage, your post MBA profession objectives, your qualities and shortcomings, and different inquiries that enable the Entrance advisory board to consider you to be a genuine individual and not a group of insights.

There might be a word-restrain (generally 200-400 words) or it might be open-finished.


Aside from all that you've shared, Adcoms likewise need to recognize what those you've worked with consider you. They request 2 (or 3) proposals from directors, supervisors or associates who've known you well professionally and can discuss different perspectives about your abilities and potential.

Best Universities in Australia for MBA Degree

Following is the list of the top colleges or universities that are the best options for the students who want to pursue MBA from Australia.

1. Kaplan Business School

Nowadays MBA graduates are needed to have an international mindset. They are expected to be all-rounders. They should not only be good at their job, but should also understand global issues and grow business in the emerging world markets. All these qualities can be easily found in an MBA graduate of Kaplan Business School. KBS helps its students to become great leaders in the competitive business environments.

The curriculum was developed by a select panel consisting of global business professionals. This curriculum also includes various international business case studies and examples, which gives students a better understanding of all the concepts.

Its tuition fee for first year in AUS$ is 15,375.00, which is 11482.90 US dollar.

2. Holmes Institute

Holmes Institute provides a high-quality education that helps its students to fulfil their dreams. It provides secondary, vocational and higher education focussing on both domestic as well as international students.

Its tuition fee for first year in AUS$ is 17,600.00, which is 13144.65 US dollar.

3. Charles Darwin University

Charles Darwin University is a great option for international students. These students can study selected courses in CDU. Fortunately, MBA is one of these selected courses.

The students are not only provided with theoretical knowledge but with a professional practice as well.

The students are required to have successfully completed a recognised Bachelor degree as well as Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma in a business or related field. Along with that the students are required to be having English proficiency, both speaking and writing.

The tuition fee of Charles Darwin University for first year in AUS $ is 20,560.00, which is 15355.34 in US dollar.

4. Edith Cowan University

Edith Cowan University invites students from everywhere around the world. They are home to more than 4,000 worldwide understudies from more than 100 nations.

It one of the most youthful Australian colleges. ECU is situated in Perth, Western Australia, a dynamic, refined and safe city that is appraised one of the world's generally liveable.

The MBA program involves two units. These units focus on the improvement and use of non-specialized aptitudes critical to the students' picked calling and building up an attention to proficient direct inside the Australian work setting. Students will build up an expert portfolio which will help show to potential businesses their created abilities and reasonableness for work. The program likewise gives a chance to understudies to apply their disciplinary learning and show administration and self-rule in the exploration, arranging, outline and execution of a work-based venture which is identified with their postgraduate degree considers.

Amid this entry level position, students are relied upon to show proof of expert direct, activity and expert authority at the norms expected by industry, and in addition exhibit an ability to work adequately in a group based condition.

The tuition fee of the ECU for first year in AUS $ is 20,600.00, which is 15364.61 in US dollar.

Earning a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree, can provide you with management skills and business expertise that open new career opportunities to you. An MBA program also launches you into the much higher pay range that upper level managers and executives enjoy. Furthermore, in the high-level positions an MBA degree will allow you to hold, your work will often be more interesting and rewarding.

The benefits that are offered by this degree are way too many and that is the prime reason behind almost everybody's desire to do MBA. People who hold an MBA degree are valued a lot because attaining this degree is not easy. It is very grilling and demanding. Since, it is one of the popular programmes and that is why there is a lot of competition that one has to face to gain admission in a popular MBA colleges.

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