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MBA or the master of Business Administration is one of the most prestigious and known degree courses for the students. Every year many students fill up the application for MBA to try their luck at this very important decision. MBA is one very important degree in the business studies and many aspirants apply every year for this course. The main reason, MBA is a must for all the business management students is because the perks and advantages, which a MBA aspirant has in his or her hands. A MBA aspirant has the reputation as same as any executive or director head of any organization. The scope of MBA is very wide in the business market and the overall industry. The companies and their networks are acknowledged in the MBA. Also, this management course is not for the easily giving up people as it gets very difficult and only the best are chosen as per the situation. The creativity and ability to handle the difficult management situations are asked in an aspirant. Various case studies and techniques are studied in this course to give the student full overview of the market industry. The competition level is certainly very high for this course and hence the seats in the universities are low. The chance for every individual to give themselves a shot has less probability.

Master of business administration is both a terminal degree as well as a professional degree. The accreditation bodies which specify the MBA programs to its aspirants ensure the consistency and the quality of the education should also be high level. Many countries offer such programs and crash courses which constitute part time as well as full time, executive, distance learning students and many with the concentrations.

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The major MBA programs initiated by the business schools and management schools are:

1) Two year MBA or Full Time MBA

There is this main program of MBA which is a two year program or also known as the full time MBA program. It is of approximately q8 months to 20 months. For instance, many universities start their sessions of academic year in August or September, so there would be an 18 month program till approx. February next to next year. It gradually works up as the 600 to 80 class hour’s work of graduate work.

2) Accelerated MBA

This MBA program is the same as per the course but have a slight change in it. They basically involve a higher course load which means crash coursing and indefinite class sessions. There is no break in between. The classes are more intense and lengthy and are usually condensed within a calendar year. The down time in this program type is very less during the main program and also in between the semesters. Accelerated programs typically have a lower cost than full-time two-year programs.

3) Part Time MBA

This type of MBA program is short in time and intensity of study. This type of MBA program mainly holds the class sessions on the weekends and the weekdays but only for some hours. The students and MBA aspirants, who enroll in this type of program, usually tend to be working professionals or someone who is involved in some other work also. They want to take a light course and the course load should be light but for a longer period of time until the sufficient requirements of graduation are met.

4) Executive MBA

This type of MBA program is mainly developed while keeping in mind to meet the educational majority need of the managers and all the executives who are interested in taking part in this. It also allows the students to earn an MBA in a whole two years or even in less time period while also concentrating on some other thing. The participants in this program comes from all parts and every type and size and of the verified organization, be it profit, nonprofit or even government. The students and aspirants of Executive MBA basically have already a higher level of work experience in comparison to other program of MBA study.

5) Modular MBA

This type of MBA programs is very similar to the programs which are basically part time or short time. But the employing scheme is a lock step curriculum with all the class sessions packaged together in certain blocks and pieces from one to last three weeks and so on.

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