Security Policies

The goals of the company are desired to have strict litigation to the current legislation and the use of e-mail shall be preferred in a much decent manner such that unnecessary business risks shall strictly be circumvented by misusing the internet. The misuse of the emails shall be encouraged by not letting the use of them in encouraging personal business or sending of chain letters. The confidential messages are strictly prohibited to be forwarded and distribution/ dissemination of the information is hence abstained. Along with this the copyrighted information is also obscured to be forwarded. From broadcasting unsolicited personal views upon social, political, religious or any non-business-related matters, transmittance of the unsolicited commercial along with advertising material to introduction of any type of malware, all these policies pose stringent actions towards the person who violates any of them. Through periodic monitoring the company holds the right to check upon the employee usage of the mails.

Various corporate businesses, corporate industries, whether they encompass of banking systems or various start-ups indeed have such policies that are stringent in their businesses.

In case of businesses like financial institutions or hospitals the policies regarding maintenance of the privacy as well as confidentiality, is quite necessary and this is quite essential in these boundaries to maintain the hospitality as well as encouraging the financial condition of such companies. There shall be strict interventions for keeping the governmental, tax, intellectual property and financial records in a safe and confidential manner so that at times when such evidences are in great demand they could be attained thoroughly and the accounts could be handled in a sound manner.

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