Incident Response Plan

Information system management: Week 8

Information protection refers to the process as well as strategies developed and enforced to safeguard print, electronic, or any other type of proprietary, private and confidential data or information from unauthorized access, use, manipulation, release, disruption, alteration, or interruption. Three primary objectives of information protection are to prevent the misuse of functionality, the loss of credibility as well as the destruction of device including data confidentiality. Some security protocols and measures within some of these fields can be directly traced towards preventing losses. If the computer worked bizarrely it could have been potentially compromised or a virus. Determining whether one’s computer has become infected with malware, worm, trojan or spyware isn't always convenient; malicious computer researchers are doing their utmost to disguise their research (SSCP, 2020). When malware is predisposed, the computer loses productivity, customization, documentation, infringement, breach of confidentiality and the system become susceptible to much more negative connections. The system could also behave bizarrely if someone has hacked the system.

Whenever there is a virus attack in the computer, these points shall be followed:

  • The connection between the computer as well as the internet shall be interrupted.
  • The system shall be separated from the local area network so that if there is outbreak of the virus, then it might not spread to the other networks in connection.
  • One shall always keep up the backup in either type of external drive or online storage so that the data loss could be circumvented.
  • One should always keep the antivirus downloaded in the computer so as to much loss could not be witnessed.
  • It is preferable to scan the system at times (Business News Daily Editor, 2019).

When the computer system has been hacked, then following measures are suggested:

  • In these situations, one should keep in check with their passwords. They shall be changed in the minimum time feasible.
  • The computer shall be quarantined from the LAN to avoid other attached system to be affected.
  • The colleagues shall always be informed so that they could better take care of the system to stay safe (Poggi, 2020).


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