Backup Systems and Plans

Information System Management: Week 7

In the era of technology, we mostly rely on it to do most of our daily tasks. We have been unhesitant towards updating every kind of information on these technologies from the passwords to the saved credit cards numbers, all have been dominantly protected in this technological hardware. My loss would entirely be dependent upon the information I would have saved. Including time, information is the major loss that I would indeed suffer.

Upon understanding the critical insight of the situation, I would also like to upload my data on the available cloud storage. The information that I would be needing in the long run like important documents, images, contacts, passwords, important details shall be particularly saved on the cloud storage. In terms of time, a weekly updating of the information shall be preferred. However, on the cloud storage the data could be automatically updated as per the settings done, whereas, on the hard drive the data shall be updated periodically, which could help me in protecting the information on both preferable systems.

Cloud computing takes on a different form from conventional methods. All types of services and applications are processed, obtained, and used via internet-connected third-party databases. If cloud storage is being used, user and service provider can quickly exchange and handle data and information. The consumer may also do their job without program or application. Cloud computing on the other side has vast volumes of data processing information. Hence the appropriate approach for cloud technology large data/ information manager is essential (Jeong & Park, 2012). Saving the information online does not need any kind of maintenance, and one could work from anywhere. Data could be easily transferred and this type of storage remoteness in one’s work. There are least chances of losing up the data, and security sections are strict (Rivera, 2019).


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