Array Programming Language

Array Programming Language (APL) is also known as Vector or multidimensional languages. It generalized operations on scalars to apply transparency to vectors, matrices and higher dimensional arrays. Its primitives are used for broad ideas about manipulation. The operation of this language are generalized to apply to both scalars and arrays.

APL was the first language to provide array programming capabilities. The examples of APL(Array Programming Language) are APL, J, and Fortran. Others include: A+, IDL, K, Q, Mathematica, MATLAB, MOLSF, NumPy, GNU Octave, PDL, R, S-Lang, SAC, Nial and ZPL.

Example of Array Programming Language

with Text_To; use Text_To
procedure hello is
put("Hello World");
end hello
In Ada programing:

A := A + B;


DIM A(4),B(4),C(4)
MAT A = 1
MAT B = 2*A
MAT C = A + B

In MATLAB language:

A = A + B;

Following are some of the Languages in Array Programming Language: