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Introduction IDL programming language

Stands for Interactive Data Language

It is used for analysis of data in some particular field like science for astronomy or medical images. It is cross-platform solution it support most of the operating system like Microsoft Window, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris. Interactive Data Language (IDL) is programming Language used for data analysis.

IDL example source code

A simple program in IDL that will do simple calculation

:  PRO example 
a=5                     ;sets a to 5 
b=13.5                  ;and b to 13.5 
c=a+b                   ;adds a and b and puts the result in c 
d=a*sin(b)              ;sets d to the product of a and Sine(b) 
e=b*exp(a)              ;sets e to the product of b and Exp(a) 
print,a,b,c,d,e         ;prints the results 

You can take help from books or vedio to understand IDL programming language

Books on IDL language

  • Book by Colorado : http://www.colorado.edu/physics/phys4810/phys4810_sp08/tutorial.htm
  • Book by David G.Messerschmitt : http://www.eecs.berkeley.edu/~messer/netappc/Supplements/10-idl.pdf

IDL programming tutorial can be access using following link:

  • http://www.fortran.com/F/
  • http://www.cisl.ucar.edu/zine/96/fall/articles/2.F.language.html
  • http://pages.swcp.com/~walt/fortran_store/Html/Info/books/ftutorial.html

How to learn F language

IDL programming tutorial can be access using following link:

  • online vedio tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mWtxUJ8AAo
If you are looking for help for how to use IDL programming, we have programmers waiting for you who are excited to do your homework. So let us know if you are having any project for us.