Octave Programming Language for Mathmatical Problems

Introduction to Octave Programming Language

Octave Programming Language is a high level language. It is used for mathematical calculation. Command-line interface is provided for solving linear and nonlinear problems numerically in Octave. It is also used as batch-oriented language. It is open source Programming Language.


octave:1> A = [1 1 1; 2 2 2]; B = [33; 33]; 

# Column-wise 

 octave:2> C = [A B] 

 C = 

 1 1 1 33 

 2 2 2 33 


  octave:3> D = [A; [44 44 44]] 

 D = 

 1 1 1 

 2 2 2 

 44 44 44 


Technical Concept of Octave

  • In C++ standard library Octave has been written.

  • It uses dynamically loaded modules written on C,C++ or fortran.

  • Octave Scripting Language is executed by interpreter in octave

  • Octave interpreter works with gnuplot and Grace software to create plots, graphs, and charts, and to save or print them.

Online compiler for Octave:

Execute Octave Code

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