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FISh Programming introduction in a Nutshell

This programming language falls under the category Array languages. Aim of this language was to combine the efficient execution of imperative programming. FISh name is derived from its interaction style Functional = Imperative + Shape ( FISh)

FISh example source code

 A simple program in FISh that runs on FLAC 7.0

def install 
loop k ( k , value)
FISh program that runs on Fish Underwater Programming Environment Deferred addressing
Inc1 is incident when somebody becomes (1,0,0);
Inc2 is incident when somebody becomes (2,0,0);
Inc3 is incident when somebody becomes (3,0,0);
s1 is apprentice of s0 doing C after Inc1;
s2 is apprentice of s0 doing C after Inc2;
s3 is apprentice of s0 doing C after Inc3

Books on FISh language

  • FISh (programming language)Alpha  by : Lambert M. Surhone, Mariam T. Tennoe und Susan F. Henssonow  ISBN: 978-6-13315-873-3
  • FISh Programming in a Nutshell  :
  • The Fish as a Quantum Computer or a Time Machine

FISh Compilers

FISh compiler is available in different form. A list is given below which might not be exhaustive list.

  • FISH online compilers
  • FLAC which can use for FISh programming language :

Some tutorial on FISh programming language

  • Esolang page
  • A good tutorial :
  • Video tutorial

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