SAC Programming Language Assignment Help

Introduction to SAC Programming Language

SAC Stands for Single Assignment C Programming Languages It is Functional Programming Language used for designing numerical application. It used array processing, so runtime of program in time and memory consumption is not much.

Goal for design og SAC are:

  1. It provide functional language with syntax.
  2. It support multidimensional arrays as first className object.
  3. High-Level array operations

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Example of SAC Programming Language

In C Language

int fac ( int n )
f = 1;
while ( n > 1) {
f = f * n;
n = n - 1;
return f ;

In SAC Language

    int fac ( int n )
return prod ( 1 + iota ( n ));
} `}

The iota function means yields a vector (a one-dimensional array) of n elements with the values 0 to n-1. Adding the value 1 to this vector yields the n-element vector with the numbers 1 to n. Computing the product of all elements of this vectors yields the factorial of n.

How to learn SAC Programming

Good programming tutorial on SAC Language can be access using following Books: