A growth-oriented mindset is one of the most sought-after qualities – both in terms of personal development and employability. Whether it be in companies or your own life, a growth-oriented mindset will help you to transform your life from nothing to everything you want it to be. This is because when you have a growth-oriented mindset, you would not be stuck at a point anywhere in life.

Ways to ensure that you have a growth-oriented mindset

If you have a growth-oriented mindset, you will always thrive to be the best version of yourself and grow in your life or career. This is why having a growth-oriented mindset is so much important for anyone.

With this article, we aim to put forward some of the ways you can ensure that you have a growth-oriented mindset.

  1. Enjoy the effort

When an individual is placed in a high-pressure situation, he will react differently to the situation depending on his mindset. If he has a growth-oriented mindset, he will happily do the hardest parts himself thus showing a lot of effort. A growth-oriented person will always be enthusiastic about working the hardest and putting in the most effort possible as he knows that this amount of effort will catapult him to new heights. Therefore, enjoying having to put in the effort is a great indicator of possessing a growth-oriented mindset. The reason why a growth-oriented person must always enjoy the effort in every process he goes through is that otherwise, it will be impossible to sustain his mindset. This is because a growth-oriented mindset usually comes at a cost and puts obstacles in front of you. Anyway, if there is no challenge, then there will be no effort shown and thus, there would not be any growth.

Moreover, everyone knows that growth is the result of overcoming some kind of obstacle. If only you cultivate the habit of enjoying the process, sustaining the mindset ceases to be a task. After you successfully overcome these challenges, you find yourself growing up as an individual and a worker. Be it in any field, this is the basic concept of growth. Therefore, any kind of challenge is a precursor to your growth. That is why enjoying the efforts is an indicator of a growth-oriented mindset.

  1. Lack of fear of failures

This is an indication that a person is alright with taking up new challenges every day as they are not afraid of failure. This lack of fear of failure pushes that person towards a growth-oriented mindset. This can be best understood because of the previous point. In the previous point, it was stated that a willingness to take up challenges is an indicator of a growth-oriented mindset. And that was because overcoming that challenge will make you grow into something better. The same concept is used here further. If you have a fear of failure, then obviously you will avoid failures. But then you would never take up any challenge as accepting any challenge is always accompanied by a chance for you to fail. And so, if you are someone who has a fear of failure and thus, avoids failing, you will never allow yourself to grow further because accepting a challenge is the only way to grow up.

Therefore, if you see that anyone is trying to avoid failures or is afraid to fail, then understand that they do not possess a growth-oriented mindset. On top of that, a growth-oriented person will not be afraid of how many times they can fail. In other words, any number of failures would not scare them from challenging themselves. This is because overcoming a challenging situation is not all that simple. Sometimes it occurs in stages. And so, you may find yourself failing at multiple stages, and by extension, failing multiple times to complete the challenge. But when you have a growth-oriented mindset, you would think about how close you are to your goal rather than how you could fail. For a growth-oriented person, failure is just a part and parcel of the challenge itself. You have to take it head-on if you want to succeed in the end.

Moreover, it is a failure most of the time that helps us to grow in our lives as a person. So in a way, for a growth-oriented person, failure would be equivalent to success because failure helps him to grow. And this is why a lack of fear of failure is a great indicator of a growth-oriented mindset.

  1. Having a feedback loop

This is another aspect of a growth-oriented person that comes hand in hand with challenging themselves every time. It must be remembered that every time you challenge yourself and you fail, there must be some sort of feedback that you must take and implement to ensure success the next time. For example, if you fail to complete a project, you will need to take some feedback on why you did fail – was the work too much for you, or did you follow the wrong approach? All these questions when answered will give you valuable feedback that you can then work on to make the most out of this failure.

If you do not have any kind of feedback loop, then you will just keep trying the same way over and over again or just do everything haphazardly without even thinking about how to reach your goal. A feedback loop always keeps you on track toward your goal and ensures you act on your mistakes. This acting on your mistakes makes you grow and reach your goal even faster. On top of that, since it is a loop, it keeps feeding you feedback throughout the process so that you can always become better as you navigate your way toward your target. This is exactly what a growth-oriented person needs and wants.

Therefore, for any growth-oriented person, having a feedback loop is inevitable as that is the only thing that ensures that they grow through the journey. And a growth-oriented person will want that about himself.

  1. Taking risks

This is a signature trait of any growth-oriented person. Any individual who wants to grow must have this characteristic as this will ensure he is always into challenges that can make him grow. Most risk-taking people are growth-oriented because they know that taking these risks is worth something. When you take risks, you are involving yourself in some sort of challenge, as any risk rises only when you are in some type of uncomfortable position which may involve you failing. This is exactly what a growth-oriented person would love to do repeatedly. By doing this and taking risks, he will be putting himself in some of the most challenging situations and whether he passes or fails, he will always be on the path of growth. And that is exactly what every growth-oriented person wants.

Remember that if you want growth, then failures will come often in your life. But even before failures, there would be the possibility of failing, which is perceived as a risk. However, if you can take the risk, then only you would have any chance of failing or succeeding. And most importantly, you would have the chance of growing. This is why if you want any growth for yourself, you must be willing to take risks regardless of your current situation. Taking risks is the only medium through which you will try anything new or challenging in your life, and it is only through trying something new that you would have the opportunity to learn and thus, grow further. And this is why taking risks is a trait of a growth-oriented mindset. 

A growth-oriented mindset is a quality valued by employers all around the world. Companies like to hire individuals who strive to grow. If you are looking to develop such a mindset, the tips mentioned above will prove to be significantly helpful for you.