In the not-so-distant past, philosophy professor Christopher A.B. Peacocke found himself at the epicenter of a surprising phenomenon. At the Academic Resources Fair in September, where he manned an information table, the unveiling of the College’s newest major, cognitive science, sparked an unprecedented surge of interest. The response was nothing short of remarkable.

Peacocke vividly recalls the scene, where an enormous line of eager students formed, all expressing a keen interest in the nascent major. “By the end of the day, we had sign-ups in the triple figures. That is absolutely gigantic,” he reflects. Fast forward to the present day, and the major boasts around 90 declared students, underscoring its meteoric rise and undeniable appeal.

Cognitive science, in its essence, delves into the intricate workings of the mind. As an interdisciplinary subject, it draws from a diverse array of fields, including psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, economics, computer science, and philosophy, among others. According to Mariusz Kozak, the College’s director for cognitive science, this multidimensional approach equips students with the tools to explore the essence of humanity from various perspectives, be it computational, behavioral, neural, social, or philosophical.

In an era dominated by artificial intelligence, technology, and rapidly evolving societal landscapes, the relevance of cognitive science is undeniable. Professor Peacocke notes that students in this major are deeply intertwined with the era of significant AI advancements, making concepts like the difference between a language-modeling program and genuine human cognition central to their consciousness.

Columbia’s cognitive science major stands out not only for its interdisciplinary nature but also for being the first jointly offered major by the College and Barnard. The collaboration between philosophy professors Christopher A.B. Peacocke and John Morrison paved the way for this groundbreaking program.

Looking ahead, Kozak envisions a future where cognitive science becomes seamlessly integrated into various academic and administrative levels, creating an intellectual hub for students and faculty. He envisions a space where minds from different schools and departments converge, fostering collaboration and a shared understanding of the intricacies of cognitive science.

Furthermore, Kozak aspires to leverage Columbia’s Global Centers for a study abroad program, offering students firsthand experiences of working closely with scientists and scholars who bring diverse perspectives on understanding the human mind.

The practical applications of a cognitive science major are vast. Peacocke points to the tech industry as a prime example, emphasizing that employers are seeking individuals with a humanistic dimension, not just pure programmers. The ability to navigate the ethical implications of technology is becoming increasingly crucial.

In the larger perspective, Kozak sees cognitive science as a program that produces leaders capable of thinking across boundaries. In a world marked by rapid technological, social, and ecological changes, he argues that interdisciplinary thinking is essential for addressing global problems with multiple solutions.

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