1) Plan ahead :-
With the festivities on, you will be juggling to provide help with the household chores, attending guests and relatives and helping with the pre and post party arrangement. However, if you plan ahead and make a time table, you can allocate sufficient time to important tasks like reading a little every day, so that you do not fall behind in the class.

2) Flash cards :-
Flash cards are the best way to keep revising and studying your concepts even while you are away from your desk. Make flash cards of the important topics and pin them up near your kitchen boards, refrigerators and other important places where you can frequently see them even while helping with party arrangement.

3) Memory maps :-
Memory maps provide a quick and efficient way of recapitulating a topic in a short bit of time. Once you are through with reading and studying, make a fulgurating indicating important concepts, formulae and definitions of the same. You can keep them in your pockets and revise your topics on the go. This even helps in refreshing a concept when you work back at it after the party season.

4) Step wise model solution :-
Differentiate the end chapter exercise on various types and create model step wise detailed solutions for all possible categories. Once you are back after the party season, it will not take you very long to read those solutions and get back on track.

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