Education system of New Zealand follows the three-tier model which includes primary schools, followed by secondary schools (high schools) and tertiary education at universities and/or polytechs. Education in New Zealand is free and compulsory for ages 6 to 16 (however, in very special cases an exemption can be gained after applying to the Ministry Of Education (MOE)).

Secondary education in New Zealand takes up to five years, covering the ages 13 to 18, is corresponding to the school years 9 to 13. There are three types of school: state, private (or registered or independent) and state integrated schools. The Government-run student qualification system is the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (“NCEA”). At some schools students can opt for IGCSE/A-levels (popularly known as “Cambridge exams”) or the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

Primary school usually ends at Year 8 and secondary school at Year 13. However, there is overlap in some schools. The last two years of primary school are either taken at a separate intermediate school instead of at a primary school, leaving ‘contributing’ primary schools to end at Year 6 or there are ‘full’ primary schools which go to year 8. However, only some areas have these ‘full’ primary schools. Consequently, some secondary schools are for students aged 12-18, while some Intermediate/secondary schools are for ages 10-18.

Entrance to New Zealand universities is based on based NCEA results. New Zealand Scholarship is a much sought after qualification pitched at students within the top stanine level. Typically, degrees follow 3+1 pattern: a bachelor’s degree will take three years, and a further year of study will lead to an Honors degree. However, there are some four year degrees (which may or may not be awarded with Honors), and some specialist bachelor’s degrees which take longer to complete.

Victoria university of Wellington, University of Auckland, University of Waikato are well known universities of New Zealand. Barbara Anderson, Jane Campion, Philippa Boyens, David Lange, Stephen Parke are the famous people who have studied at these universities.

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