Social science is regarded as the science related to society. It deals with the study of society in various forms. It may include the formal study of social behavior of humans under name sociology, anthropology: – the study of humans; archaeology: -study of human cultures through excavation of the remains.

Various fields of study are political science:  – the study of politics in the society that is how to make policies for people, ruling them and their relations with other states, public administration: – how to maintain law and order in the state and manage various functionalities within the state, linguistics: – is the study of languages, how they emerged, what are their scopes for the benefit of mankind.

social science

History deals with study of what happened in the past, what were the major events that marked significant changes for us. These changes have a great deal of impact in our present lives. The way we live our lives, the culture we follow all are due the people who ruled over us.

Geography is the study of climate, vegetation, soils, flora, fauna at different regions based on location of the location of these regions on globe. This provides us a view of the whole world. Based on this information various further things can be carried out. Further research can be carried out to find out the possibilities that may lie in these regions for establishment of new works and other requirements.

Psychology: the study of behavior of humans, how they behave under particular conditions (It is the most liked and one of the hottest topics of study as more and more cases related to abnormal psychology are being reported. People usually considered normal also have some problems, that are ignored by the family members stating that it’s the nature of the person but actually they are abnormalities and if not dealt with in time can prove fatal).

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