Chemistry includes both the physical as well as chemical part. Study of nuclear atom comes under physical part of the subject which is also linked with another branch of science .i.e. physics. Atom is the smallest part of an element and nucleus is the dense core of an atom. Knowledge and study of protons, electrons, neutron, molecular weight, physical and chemical composition are the basic part of this section in chemistry.

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The study of nuclear atom has become a major field of research in today’s context. In the beginning it was predicted that study of nuclear atom was necessary only to produce nuclear weapons and nuclear powers so that it can act as a safeguard for country and its people. But advancement in technologies has now proved that study of nuclear atom is equally important in every field. The basis of manufacturing medicine lies within nuclear atom. In fact, it provides a great helping hand to study about the universe and research about the elements present here. Geologist, biologist and in fact the technologist all can perform their research and experiments efficiently and accurately only if they are well aware about the elementary things of the world.

This section of chemistry mostly includes knowledge about elements, their properties, effects, importance, and molecular weight. Students need to remember lots of stuff including the long periodic table. So, generally they try to memorize everything but that remain just for short duration of time in their mind, with the time their knowledge also gets fade off. They aren’t aware of the importance of having knowledge about atoms so they think it’s just waste of time and ignore the assignment that they are given and at the end of the year they suffer with the low performance.


If we see the best part of studying nuclear atom, we will surely enjoy it. It helps us think differently, we can know about the world we are living in and help our country to make progress. If students are made aware about these things they will surely start enjoying the chapter. It’s very true that completing nuclear atom assignments isn’t an easy task. We must have good idea and vibrant knowledge about the elements. Basically we can say that proper foundation must be set up only than stepping ahead can be easy. Avoiding or running from the assignment is not the solution to any problem, we must face things that comes up. Yes, carrying out assignment can be difficult but if we think calmly we will come to know that there is lots of advancement that we can use to properly complete the task.

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