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Marketing is a “social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and values with others.” It is an integrated process through which companies create value for customers and build strong customer relationships order to capture value from customers in return. An effective brand strategy will create a unique identity that will differentiate you from the competition. However many businesses skip this step in the start-up process because it’s often the most challenging and time-consuming.

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Marketing according to American Marketing Association is the activity, the set of institutions, the processes for the creating, the delivering, the communicating, and the exchanging of offerings having the value for the customers, the clients, the partners, and the society basically at large. The term has developed or taken from the original meaning and is referred as going to the market in the literal sense for shopping, or to sell the goods or the services. The marketing practices tend to be as the creative industry that includes the advertising, the distribution and the selling. And also is concerned with the anticipation of customers’ wants and needs in the future. These are discovered often through the market surveys and research.

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